Redbridge Handyperson Scheme

London Borough of RedbridgeHEET has a contract to deliver the Handyperson Scheme on behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge.

The Redbridge Handyperson Scheme assists older, vulnerable and disabled residents with odd jobs and small-scale repairs around the home. There is a small charge for this service.

Who is the service for?

The service is available to all residents who are:

  • Aged 60 years of age or over; or
  • Disabled or have a long term serious illness or health problem which makes it difficult to carry out the work; or
  • Awaiting discharge from hospital.

Redbridge Handyperson Scheme contact details

To access the service, call the Redbridge Handyperson Scheme contact no: 020 8520 4554. Alternatively, send an email to our Redbridge Handyperson team.

Types of jobs that we may be able to help you with

  • changing light bulbs
  • changing locks
  • fitting draught excluders
  • unblocking a sink
  • changing tap washers
  • fitting grab/handrails
  • putting up curtain rails
  • replacing broken toilet seats
  • replacing small areas of bathroom or kitchen tiles
  • fitting door bells
  • renewing bath sealants
  • repairing small areas of fencing
  • assembling furniture

Each visit is for a maximum of two hours, and residents are limited to a maximum of one visit every three months. The service may be withdrawn if the applicant has an able-bodied adult living with them who is capable of carrying out the work. The scheme will not carry out jobs that are the responsibility of your landlord or letting agent.

Cost and Payments

There is a small cost for this service, with reduced rates for residents in receipt of a qualifying benefit. The costs are set out below.

Qualifying benefits are income-related benefits such as Guaranteed Pension Credit or Income Support. If unsure, please ask for advice about which cost applies to you. Payments will be collected on completion of work.

Small-scale jobs (under two hours) On qualifying benefit Not on qualifying benefit
Residents aged 60 or over £10 charge per visit £20 charge per visit
Residents aged under 60 £20 charge per visit £20 charge per visit


The client is responsible for providing any necessary materials.

We may supply materials if you are physically unable to do so. The cost will be met by you.

Some basic items such as tap washers will be made available free of charge.

How quickly will the scheme carry out a repair?

Routine Emergency
within 10 working days made safe within 24 hours

What will happen when I contact the scheme?

  • You will be asked a series of questions to establish eligibility
  • If eligible, an appointment will be arranged if the work can be completed under the Handyperson Scheme
  • The contractor will always show you their photo ID card and visit you at a prearranged time
  • You will be asked to provide proof of any qualifying benefits you are currently receiving at the time of visit
  • Complaints about the scheme

    If you have any complaints about the service, then please contact HEET. You will receive a reply from HEET within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint.

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